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Suzie Vermeulen

Automation Expert & Marketing Strategist

Meet Suzie, a professional in the tourism industry with more than a decade of experience. As a dedicated member of her partner’s tour company, she has played a pivotal role in its growth and success.

Suzie’s passion for the tourism industry and her relentless efforts in building relationships have allowed her to forge strong ties within the tourism community.

Suzie’s commitment to excellence, her interest in AI, and her relentless pursuit of productivity and growth have made her a trusted and respected figure for this topic within the tourism industry. Her dedication to delivering exceptional service and her ability to automate business processes are essential elements in your business’ success.

Tyron Van Santen

Business Strategist & Tour Operator

Meet Tyron, a business strategist and tour operator with a life-long dedication to the tourism industry. From his early years assisting his father with crocodile tours in Darwin and managing windsurf board rentals, Tyron has acquired invaluable hands-on experience that has shaped his journey.

Now the proud owner of Epic Ocean Adventures, a thriving tourism business, Tyron has achieved remarkable success in the industry. His obsession with Google rankings, and his “don’t give up” attitude have given him an extensive knowledge and expertise in SEO and digital marketing.

Tyron finds joy in supporting fellow tour operators in navigating the complex realm of online marketing, offering guidance and expertise to aid in the growth of their tourism businesses in the digital landscape.

The Smart Tourism Team

Our team is made up of Automation and AI experts, but also experts in other areas of digital marketing including SEO, professional copywriters and Google/Facebook ads specialists. We work with remote freelancers because we hire based on skills, not location. This allows us to contract the best people possible, and it also allows us to charge more affordable rates for our services because we don’t have to pay the ridiculous overheads of running an office. We’re fully remote, and we would not have it any other way.